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Vax Canvassers
I'm sure that most of us here are not too impressed by the idea of government workers coming to our doors to 'help us' to get vaccinated. My wife and I are vaxxed - so we don't have to wear masks at the office and can travel abroad - but our children will certainly not be getting the vaccine. 

However - someone pointed out to me that the door-knockers are actually collecting information as well as 'helping' with vaccine. So what this means is, if your behavior is non-compliant or adversarial, this will be noted. I imagine the degree of hostility will also be noted, and its not much of a stretch to imagine the administration making maps of where the troublemakers (or nascent domestic terrorists as they imagine us) live.

I had not thought about this at all, but it really makes sense. The best way to handle this is not answer the door, or politely decline to discuss personal health information. 

What is the world coming to ? If it doesn't already exist, we are not far from having 'risk scores' assigned to households and people, with unfortunately things like gun ownership and flags outside boosting your score.

Facebook is already labeling certain people as "extremists":

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