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Fight against CRT in Schools
Lots has been happening to oppose the new crital theory curriculum - thank you to many informed and concerned citizens!!!!

Unfortunately, the pro-CRT/anti-racism/pro LBGTQIA++ voices are loud (and deceitful.) 

The next school board meeting is this Thursday. If you have kids in the school system or not, this affects us all. Please spread the word about what is going on! 

For more info on the current situation:

1. Materials for review - 
e) 8th grade curriculum Henley Courageous Conversations -
f) - the letter to the school board from those in support of the new curriculum (many signatures are from children, some as young as elementary school, and teachers, administrators and the principle of Henley)
g) the last school board meeting (the next one is this Thursday)

2. Petition - - please share to collect signatures.
Awesome, glad people are fighting back.
Here are some additional resources that I am sharing from another group:

Here are some important links for review and some book recommendations if you want to learn more.

Currently, Albemarle County Public Schools are planning to change the Mission statement of the entire school system.  The change from the old mission to the new mission is telling by itself.

Here is the current Vision/Mission statement which goes back to 2013
  • The core purpose of Albemarle County Public Schools is to establish a community of learners and learning, through relationships, relevance and rigor, one student at a time.
Here is the newly proposed Vision/Mission statement (which has a strong smell of CRT)
  • Working together as a team, we will end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special capacities for our children’s success through high quality teaching and learning.  We seek to build relationships with families and communities to ensure that every student succeeds.
This newly proposed mission statement is heavily sourced from thinking that comes from their Anti-Racism policy.  Here are the parts of that policy that seem most relevant to review. [*]Key books in use by the school system.  There are more, but these two are core materials.
[*]As you might expect, they have not come right out and said, "we are implementing Critical Race Theory based initiatives", but it is very clear after some reading and analysis that it "walks and talks like a duck, so it is a duck".

For more context about the WHY behind what the school system is doing, here are a few key items.
  • First Driver for Initiatives - they are looking at the performance numbers of Black and Hispanic kids.  There is a real problem here that should be addressed if it is at all possible.
  • A second driver for this program which incorporates all of the progressive interests of the LGBTQIA+ communities comes from the Virginia State legislature.  The proponents of the new curriculum at the school have captured the reasons they want this program in a petition.  So, I will just point to their petition and some of the links in it that point to what the Virginia State legislature is expecting schools to do.

[*]If you hold a Christian worldview, I would recommend Neil Shenvi for some help to understand more about Critical Race Theory
Please check out the new website also:
I watched the video of the last alb co school board meeting, and while it was nice to hear some people fighting back the crt themed curriculum, my take away was, as one of the board members said himself at the end: the board thinks these parents are just confused: the "courageous conversations" curriculum that they want to adopt is NOT CRT, or related to CRT. Which of course we know it's a bunch of bullcrap.

He didn't even show any regard for what the parents were saying. Just that the board has to put out a letter "clarifying" that the program they're gonna adopt (and I can see it'll likely be adopted) is NOT crt. Common progressive tactic, where they'll change the name to rebrand the same kool aid.

So, parents can complain all they want, but the board is just going to ignore them.

Honestly, my suggestion is, remove your kids from public school. Find better private schools or home school them. Otherwise you're gonna lose your kids. My neighbor's kids are halfway thru college and he's already lost them to liberal ideology, he can't have any real conversation about real American values with them any more.

Please don't let your kids go astray in public schools. Do something while you can.
The school board members' reactions after the public comments in last night's meeting was much of the same.... concerns are falling on deaf ears... it's very disheartening.
Here is a link to a video of last weeks school board meeting:
sad state of affairs
Private school is the only answer. All the materials that came home from Brownsville before we pulled out were decidedly anti-conservative with more than a hint of all-conservatives-are-racist to them. The really dumb thing is that kids don't need to be taught to be anti-racist, they naturally accept all others, unless someone teaches them to be racist.

Why do we even need to have advisory, or whatever they call it ? Why not stick to reading, writing, arithmetic, science and history ?!!!


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