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Meeting for Concerned Citizens against CRT in School
A friend of mine is hosting a meeting at her home on Tuesday May 18 at 10am for individuals within Albemarle county who are concerned about the new Anti-Racism curriculum entitled Courageous Conversations about Race that has recently been implemented in our schools. Please come if you can and invite anyone you know who is also concerned.  Feel free to spread the word but I request you do not use Facebook or Nextdoor or any other form of social media to do so. Thank you 
Address: 5943 Nicolet Ct, crozet va 22932
Thanks for the info and I'm so happy to see a group is meeting regarding this. I can't attend but I work in the office at Henley and have expressed my concern to Dr. Costa and the 2 teachers creating the lessons. The 6th and 7th grade lessons are somewhat mild but the 8th grade ones really push the full critical race theory including anti-police and white privilege statements. The scope and sequence that was forwarded to parents didn't include the accompanying videos that are/will be shown to students some of which come with trigger warnings. Parents may want to request to see ALL portions of the lessons, particularly 8th grade. Please don't include my name as I think they are already frustrated with me since I have voiced that the lessons are divisive and not appropriate. Best wishes and please keep us updated on this site.
I just had a conversation with my neighbor here in Crozet and I'm so sad to hear him express how his son has been effectively "taken away" from him. His son is at VCU now, and completely sold into anti-racism and all kinds of marxist ideologies so prevalent in schools today. And it started in Albemarle co schools, Henley, etc.

He said he was very active fighting them about the things they were teaching his kid...but over the years his son turned on him anyway. He says he can't talk anything social or political anymore with his son, and his son has lost all respect for his dad.

I don't have kids but I see you guys struggling with this, and it's so hard to hear. I wish you the best of luck fighting with schools on this. But it seems to me this may be fruitless and taking your kids out of school and homeschooling them instead seems in my mind the only way to keep this from happening. Best wishes all and I pray for our country.

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