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Equality Act - Speak up!!
Pasted from email  - see the links to contact our Senators.

[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Now Is the Time to Pray—and Speak Up![/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]The Equality Act already passed the House and is coming before the Senate soon.[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]A piece of dangerous legislation inaccurately called the Equality Act was passed by the House last week, 224-206. The Senate is expected to take up the bill very soon, and the result will likely come down to a razor-thin margin. If it is passed by the Senate, President Biden will likely sign it into law as he has made it a priority of his administration's first 100 days.[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Every Senator's vote is critical. This is a crucial turning point for our nation. I cannot say this clearly enough—for individuals, for businesses, for churches, and for ministries of faith, the Equality Act is a threat to life as we know it in our nation today. It's a real game-changer.[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]The Equality Act will:

Designate schools, churches, and healthcare organizations as “public accommodations.” With this, schools, churches, and hospitals could be forced to accept the government’s beliefs and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. That would be highly intrusive and incredibly far-reaching. It will threaten everyday speech where people can be fined or lose their jobs for using the wrong name or pronouns.

Legislate that we allow boys in girls' sports, boys in girls' locker rooms, men in women's shelters, and men in women's prisons. It will force teachers and students to publicly pretend that a biological male is a female. Schools will be encouraged or mandated to instruct young children that they can choose to be a boy or a girl, or neither, or both—making biological sex (and science) a relic of the past.

Use the force of law across all 50 states to strip Christian and other religious ministries of their right to hire people of shared faith to pursue a shared mission. Can you imagine a Christian organization being forced to hire people hostile to its deeply held beliefs who have no passion for its beliefs, teachings, and mission? That doesn't work.

Strip health professionals of their rights of conscience. It will force doctors and medical professionals who long to do no harm to engage in gender transition treatments such as hormone-blocking, cross-sex hormones or surgery. It is obvious that a Catholic or faith-based hospital should not have to perform gender transition surgeries that go entirely against all they believe.

Be a tool used by the government to deny or threaten accreditation to religious colleges and universities if they do not satisfy the demands of the secular Left to apply sexual orientation and gender identity to dorms, sports, places of privacy and even teachings. The Act could be used as a weapon to threaten the availability of federal student loans and grants to students at certain disfavored religious schools.[/font]

[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Friends, the impact of this legislation is immense. We must not remain silent and accept what we know is wrong. It is critical that you contact your U.S. Senators as quickly as possible and implore them to vote NO. The progressive Left are zealous about this issue and will pull out all the stops to try to make it the law of the land.[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]There are only fleeting hours before the Equality Act comes up for a vote again. Please contact your [b]U.S. Senators—every day if you feel led—and urge them to vote NO. I also encourage you to let the White House know about your strong opposition to this bill.[/b][/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Above all, people of faith need to PRAY. Churches need to recognize the significance of this and pray corporately, asking for God’s intervention and mercy to extend the religious freedoms we have been blessed with for so long.[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Sincerely,[/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif][Image: FG_Signature_50.png][/font]
[font=-apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Segoe UI", "Avenir Next", "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Franklin Graham[/font]
This is a very scary act. Some commentators pointed out that this is the first act that actually takes away one group's equality (women) in favor of another, 'more favored group', the trans community. Also it is dangerous in that it forces physicians to do things against their conscience, and forces educators in religious settings to effectively promote unscientific, feeling based doctrines as fact. And all that leaves out the fact that your kids can be taken from you if you deny or even question their impulsive wish to change genders at age 6. The world has gone mad, but I think a large part of this is unconstitutional, and once people get to see what it means (Title IX is almost completely revoked), it will be very unpopular. There are some good things in there, I believe, in that you can't fire someone just for their sexual orientation, but the majority of this is total woke trash.

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