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A Tale of Two Systems
I've been watching the GameStop story the last few days and can't help thinking that the veil is finally being pulled from our eyes - the two different systems that apply to the elite and to ordinary people are almost completely transparent now. 

A week ago Nancy Pelosi invested $1M in Tesla, then a couple of days ago Biden announced all new Federal vehicles will be electric. Yet congress members are immune to insider trading.

Hedge funds short GameStop to make money but also drive it out of business, if their stock is pushed lower then they can't get access to finance. Reddit activists try a short squeeze, legally driving the price up, to make money and also save GameStop, and not only is the SEC 'looking into it', but retail investment platforms get pressured to stop trading. So when the elites manipulate markets its capitalism, but when the masses try it, its dangerous and criminal and shouldn't be allowed ? 

Janet Yellen - treasury secretary - made millions in 'speaking fees' from hedge funds the last few years, these are clear and transparent bribes, how can anyone expect her to be even-handed in regulating things when, say Citadel capital paid her $800K in speaking fees ? 

We already knew that the criminal justice system is a dual system - for the elites and for the rest of us. Just ask Hilary, or the FBI goons that ran the Russia probe.

I sense that the most important thing Trump did, even more so than the judges was to talk about the swamp. He was the first president we ever had that could not be lobbied (at least for money), and so he could talk about how the system is in-fact for the benefit of the elites only. I wonder if the switches that Biden is making to benefit the elites again at the expense of working Americans, as gas goes up, immigrants flood in and drive down wages and the economy suffers apart from for the rich - will really turn off the voters in the middle who voted for him ? We will see in 2022. 

This kind of obvious dual treatment is one of the things that drives people to pitchforks - if only the media actually lets the story through of the very negative aspects of Biden's policies of everyday people's lives. At least the GameStop story is in the media now, I don't think the media realize its significance in the big scheme of things, but I bet Trump is loving it.
I appreciate how you explained the GameStop situation. (I am on a break from news and social media but was vaguely aware of a recent trading coup.) There are definitely two systems, I'm glad the media is covering it, and I hope it opens the eyes of voters.
Always grateful for this site.
Today I am hearing that silver is the next target of r/wallstreetbets. Silver is apparently shorted by some big wall street companies, and the Redditors could do something similar to what they did with GME. If so, I fear that the SEC or the administration may take action to save their wall street buddies.

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