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What is your current stance in our country
(01-28-2021, 12:36 PM)Sarahbelle Wrote: It is so hard right now. I am thankful for this group because it is easy to feel alone and isolated in the liberal abyss that is Albemarle County/Charlottesville. It amazes me the things people say, just assuming that everyone is liberal. My small group of close friends and family have joked that we local conservatives need a secret handshake or something - but the scary thing is we do! It is disheartening and angering on a  daily basis to read local "news," business posts, personal posts by so many people that have bought into the liberal agenda hook, line and sinker. They espouse Critical Race Theory - not even knowing that's what it is and where it came from - as if it's truth! My husband and I are so reluctant to voice our opinions and mostly just keep our heads down, listening but not talking, except to those we know are "safe" because it could literally ruin our livelihood. It's hard to grasp. We love so many things about Crozet, but have talked semi-seriously about moving out of the area to raise our children in an area where people more closely reflect (or at least are tolerant of) our values.... that still has good healthcare, jobs, arts, restaurants, entertainment, etc - any suggestions? Or are those mutually exclusive? Sometimes it feels like we are living in Wonderland where rules of logic and common sense are completely upside down. There's so much more to say, but work and kid's schooling calls. Again, grateful for this group!

You just said exactly what so many conservatives feel right now. My family included! We are considering moving to Texas. Their cities are liberal too, but the state is so big that hopefully the conservatives could still beat them. They’re also big enough to stand up to a national attack on conservative states if it were ever to come to that. At least, Texas would have a better chance than so many other smaller states. What I struggle with daily is how do we fight back in our area so that liberals don’t feel emboldened to speak up all the time? And how do we do so without becoming them and resorting to their tactics?

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