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Need for Republican Delegates to May 8 Convention
If you want to make a difference in the Virginia Governors Race, Please Step Up!  There is not a limit to the number of Delegates we can send to the upcoming Republican ‘Convention’ (instead of primary), which will be held Saturday May 8—but the DEADLINE is coming soon-April 16th.  You only need to be a registered voter in Virginia who has voted Republican for past several years. There is more information below, along with the link to the form.  
On the form, 
“Unit” = Albemarle 
“Where to File”:
If you don’t know your voter registration number, it’s easy to look up on internet under “state of Virginia voter registration “...

We need Republican Delegates to vote in person on May 8-likely to be Nelson County, Lake Monticello or drive through, easy peasy! If interested the deadline is 4/ can email the attached form (link) to: 

-Nancy Muir

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Need for Republican Delegates to May 8 Convention - by Muirnancy - 04-05-2021, 09:28 PM

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